I believe that someone's out there!

Someone's watching us all the time!

Someone's hearing us from the sky!

I believe that he's still out there!

And he'll be there helping us forever!

And I promise it to you everyday!

So if you feel lonely,

And just need someone to speak with,

Look at the sky,

And you can be sure someone's hearing you out there!

Look at the sky and try to find him somewhere!

And be careful cause you may lose him one day!

And if you couldn't find him there,

You can also search him in the beauties of a flower,

In angry vague which is fighting with soft stones all day!

Or in the sound of a baby's cry…

And if you couldn't find him anyway,

Just take a look deep in your heart,

And you WILL find him supervising you everyday!


/ 7 نظر / 10 بازدید

salam,,,matne kheily ghashangii bud,,,hamin kee ke migihe is still out there,,,neshun midee ke miduni ke un HE hastesh :d,,,va in tikasham kheily ghashange ke :just take a look deep in your heart,,,And you WILL find him supervising you everyday!....movafagh bashiii


سلام منم به اينائی که گفتی معتقدم....يکی اونجاست....


yes ....... he is be.......... bar gharar bashi


سلام حديث جان خوبی ؟ چه خبرا؟ ببين میدونی چه روزی آپديت کردی؟ پس بيا بلاگم ببين که عجب روز ميمونی آپديت کردی.(نميگم تا مزش نره)


منم آپم (منم ۲۵ مرداد آپ کردم) و منتظرت که بيايی. مرسی و مرسی. در ضمن الان در مورد متنت نظر نمیدم چون هنوز نخوندمش ولی سيوش کردم تا بعدا بخونم. آپ کردی خبرم کن. مرسی و بای


salam,,,chera dige up nemikoniii??????????,,,24 saat shoma az alan vaght darid !!!!!!!agee up kardiii ke kardii va gar na 24 saat dige behet vaght midam :D,,,,,movafag=h bashi


سلام. آره! اينجورياس... باسه خودت بود؟