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Love & Madness                            

Once on the beautiful place of the Earth all once together have gathered Human Feelings and Qualities. When the BOREDOM has yawned already in third time, MADNESS has suggested:
 - And let's play hide-and-seek!?
 The INTRIGUE has raised an eyebrow:
 - Hide-and-seek? What’s the game??

The MADNESS has explained, that one of them, for example, it, closes eyes and starts to count up to one million while the others are hidden. The one who will be found last, begins to “drive” next time and so on. ENTHUSIASM started to dance with EUPHORIA, the PLEASURE so jumped that has convinced even DOUBT. Only APATHY, which never interested in anything, has refused to participate in game. The TRUTH has preferred to not be hidden, because that at the end of the ends it is always found. PRIDE has told, that it is perfect foolish game (anything except of itself were not excited it). The COWARDICE would not like to risk.

- One... two... three... - the MADNESS started to count.
 The first has hidden LAZINESS - it was covered for the nearest stone on the road. BELIEF has flew on heavens, and ENVY has hidden in a shadow of TRIUMPH, which with own forces could climb up to the top of the highest tree.
 NOBLENESS could not hide for a very long time, because each places, which it has found seemed ideal for his friends:
Crystal-clear lake? For the BEAUTY.
Crevice of a tree? So it for FEAR.
A wing of the butterfly? For VOLUPTUOUSNESS.
Whiff of a breeze? In fact it is for FREEDOM!
So, at the end it has masked in the ray the sun.
EGOISM, on the contrary, has found only for itself a warm and cozy place.
 The LIE has hidden on the depth of the ocean (actually it was covered in a rainbow), and the PASSION and DESIRE have hidden in a crater of a volcano.
FORGETFULNESS has hidden… I don’t remember where, but it is not important.
 When the MADNESS has counted up to 999999, LOVE was the one who still searched, where to hide, but all places have already been borrowed. But suddenly she has seen marvelous shrub of roses and has decided to lurk among its flowers.

- One million! - has counted MADNESS and begun to search.
 The first it, certainly, has found LAZINESS. Then it has heard as BELIEF argues with God, and about PASSION and DESIRE it has learned because of quivering of volcano.
Then MADNESS has seen ENVY and has guessed where the TRIUMPH is hidden.
It was not necessary to search for the EGOISM, because a place where it was hidden appeared a beehive of bees, which have decided to expel an uninvited visitor.
 In searches the MADNESS has approached to get drunk to the creek and has seen
The DOUBT sat at a fence, deciding, on which side of it to hide.
So everyone were found:
 TALENT - in a fresh and juicy grass,
 GRIEF - in a dark cave,
LIE – in the rainbow (if to be fair, it was hidden at the depth of ocean).

Only LOVE could not be found.....
 MADNESS searched behind every tree, in each streamlet, at the top of each mountain and, at last, it has decided to look in pink shrub... and when moved apart the branches, it has heard heartbreaking shout... Sharp thorns of roses have wounded LOVE’s eyes...
 The MADNESS did not know what to do, it has asked of apologize, cried, begged, was sorry and in expiation of the fault has promised LOVE to be her guide.

And since the time when for the first time on the Earth was played hide-and-seek......
 The LOVE is blind also MADNESS takes and leads her for a hand, guiding in the life...


(writer : Unkown)



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سلام...من به روزم....کجايی؟؟....موفق باشی....


سلام...حالا که من آپ کردم... اعتصاب ديگه تموم شده...منتظرم.....موفق باشی


وای به حالت اگه اينبار بيام و آپديت نشده باشی !!!


سلام! ممنون از اينکه بهم سر زدی. اومدم ديدم همه از دستت شاکی هستن چرا آپ نکردی. راست می گن چرا چيزی نمی نويسی.


گفتی که می بوسم تو را، گفتم تمنا می کنم/// گفتی ، اگر بیند کسی؟ گفتم، که حاشا می کنم............ سلام دوست عزیز.... خوبی؟؟ .... من بروزم حتما بیا........منتظرتم.


با اين متن انگليسی کلی زندگی کردم....اشنا بود....غريب بود....حرف بود ....باعث شد وب لاگت رو دقيق بخونم..جالبه که از کسانی نوشتی که من باهاشون زندگی می کنم.....//قلم -سبز تر باشی و شاد//راستی ! به روزم

سید مهدی موسوی

با کتاب تازه ام در نمایشگاه کتاب ، ابتدای سالن 10 و11 انتشارات سخن گستر منتظرتان هستیم... برای دریافت آخرین اطلاعات مربوط به کتاب به وبلاگ و بعدالتحریرهای تازه آن می توانید رجوع کنید... منتظریم!


تو کجايی دختر؟؟؟؟!!!!!!!!!


salam kheyli ghashang bood up kon digeeeeeeee